2nd place at IRONMAN Barcelona


2nd at IRONMAN Barcelona with a new personal best. When you execute the perfect race and there's one athlete better... Anyways, I leave Barcelona with a good feeling! Proud about my race and time. Happy about the fact that I'm still in the mix with some of the best in our sport. 

My goal for this race was to go as fast as possible and I managed to do so. In the end I broke my personal record on Ironman distance with 18sec!


My splits:

Swim:46'44" - Bike: 4h12'31" - Run: 2h49'58" - Total: 7h53'25"


Congrats to Florian Angert (1st) and Nick Kastelein (3rd) and all the other finishers. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on, the organizers and the volunteers - great race!


Full results on:


Next and final race of my 2019 season is on November 24th, Ironman Cozumel (MEX)

See you soon.