4th victory of the season in Deinze

The win, in the inaugural ½ distance triathlon Deinze, is mine.It was a superb organization, great athmosphere and only for the first time the event took place!


For me this race was ideal to test one more time and to get some race rhythm.
Racing in my region, in front of the people you know and in the city where most of my major sponsors have their company, the perfect combination! By the way, thanks to everyone who encouraged en congratulated me!


The race was like I expected it to be and the way I felt during the race was a bit like the last test I did earlier this week. Not top, but I’m in the middle of the specific preparation towards Hawaii, 7 weeks to go.


In the 3 disciplines it was like I needed some time to get into it, after that everything was fine. So: Swim in the front, afterwards I needed some time on the bike but I had a very strong second part of the bike section. The technical circuit made it a hard 90 km! The run was like ‘on’ and ‘off’ for me. Not really a solid rhythm and never struggled either. But with a 1h15’ I can be more than happy. After the race we had a great evening with all the members of the team. Top!


Deinze, see you next year!