5150 Marseille



Today I finishes 2nd in Marseille. A first edition for 5150 that will be remembered as a very windy one! Finishing 2nd is never fun but I'm really happy with my run.


A good start and in the lead after 100m. After 600m I make a crucial mistake: taking the buoy as turning point while there was one more to go a little bit further ... 50m further a kayak stops me and I needed to turn back. I loose contact with the leading group and after the 1500m swim I exit the water 1min15 behind the leaders. On the bike I managed to get from 6th into 3rd position but the gap with the leader was still the same.


I thought, will try to fix this on the run. And I almost succeeded! With the best run split I finish 15sec behind the winner.
The most important for me, I worked succesfuly on my run speed.
Now I continue working towards Hawaii :-)


Sporty greetings