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Ironman World Champion … unbelievable but true! 3 weeks later and still enjoying it. It’s a indescribable feeling, lots of emotions, pride, respect and appreciation. Invitations, salutations and congratulations are following each other at a high speed.


Hard? Not at all, it gives me even more energy and ambition for the future! Being at home again with my wife and 2 boys, is just a great feeling. I won’t write you a race report, different media have told my story. The race of my life, good pacing on the day of the world championships, that’s how you can make a short resume and that’s the way to turn yourself into the new world champion! The big difference with other races from the past, is the interest. Other races, over the same distances were equal hard or even harder! I can assure you the battle for a honor spot or just the battle to get to the finish line, is a lot harder.


Running in the lead and taking the victory in Kona, is magic! Now that I know the taste of it, the next challenge shows up: well organize my plans for 2014, find the focus back in training and try to get that second win on ‘The Big Island’! Shortly I’ll let you know about my plans for next year!


See you soon,