IRONMAN Cozumel on 27th of November will be my final race for 2016. The race and result at the world championships IRONMAN in Kona are the source of this last minute decision, since this race was not on my initial race schedule.


In the last months I've build up a great shape. Coming back from being injured (broken collar bone) to the highest level was a big investment in all areas. The recovery from Hawaii went smooth and I'm still hungry on the mental side. So I'll strive to end my season on a more positive note.


My choice for Mexico in one month from here was very easy. 7 weeks after Hawaii gives me enough time in between, beautiful course and atmosphere, 'nearest' end of season option, the heat and humidity, ...


I'm leaving now, I've got some training to do ;-)


I'll keep you posted!


Frederik Van Lierde