4th place today at the IRONMAN Nice. A result which I would have immediately agreed with six weeks ago, since at that time I just had a crash resulting in a broken collarbone.


It was a hard day in which I fought with myself all the time. Looking for your limits without being able to estimate your limits was an experience I didn't had before. During the three disciplines I never really felt good but not bad as well. In the downhill sections the fear of crashing again was there and with IRONMAN Hawaii on my mind I absolutely wanted to avoid a new crash.


After six intensive weeks, not in training but in terms of recovery, I am very proud that I was able to perform in this way and with this mental power. It eventually resulted in a great day. The crowd pushed me forward and finishing with a marathon of 2h48 gives me a boost of confidence to return home.


I'll close this newsletter with the slogan of IRONMAN: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Frederik Van Lierde