Next race: IRONMAN 70.3 WC


On Sunday I will be at the start of an IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 for the first time, in Nice of all places. The location and the knowledge of the course were the deciding factors in my choice. I am convinced that if I can participate in a World Championships 70.3 somewhere, this one in Nice will give me the most chances for a good result.


My ambition is, as always, to do the best I can, but here it is much more difficult to express goals or ambitions. So no expectations, I have nothing to lose. The closer I finish, the more positive that is in the prospect of Ironman Barcelona within 4 weeks.


The preparation went as planned. After Ironman Nice at the end of June I took a break. After this break I started my training block towards this race in Spain, followed by a period in Belgium.


I am looking forward to it, I have the feeling that it will be a memorable competition!
Sunday 07:00 local time I will start with no. 12


See you on Sunday!