Next race: IRONMAN France


It's not a secret, next Sunday my biggest goal for 2019 is on my planning, IRONMAN France. A real classic in the IRONMAN circuit on a stunning course. This race has a great history and every year it is becoming more special to me. No need to tell I'm really looking forward it. 


The pressure is on of course, I've won this race 5 times (a shared record with Marcel Zamora) and now I can become the only one to hold the record of 6 victories. My preparation towards Nice was different compared to other years since I've done 2 races in the last 5 weeks, IRONMAN Lanzarote and IRONMAN 70.3 Les Sables. This doesn't stop me from being ready, I feel well recovered and these 2 victories proved that I have the right form to go for it. Those new things and approaches keep you on your toes and make you better.


Keeping focus now for me and moving on to Sunday with confidence.


I can't wait to welcome everyone on the Promenade!


Start 06:25 AM with start number 1